CoD MW3 Borealis Camo Boost


CoD MW3 Borealis Camo Boost. Buy the Borealis Camo and deck out your Modern Warfare 3 weapons with this awesome camouflage. Getting the Borealis Camo is a bit of a grind. Skip the boring stuff and let our Modern Warfare 3 Borealis Camo boosters handle it while getting Golden Enigma, Zircon Scale, and Serpentinite along the way.

What will I get?

  • All Base Camos Unlocked
  • Golded Enigma Camo Unlocked on all Base Weapons
  • Zircon Scale Camo Unlocked on all Base Weapons
  • Serpentinite Camo Unlocked on all Base Weapons
  • Borealis Camo Unlocked on all Base Weapons
  • Camo is usable in MW3 and Warzone
  • Legit Hard Unlocked
  • Applied To Your Account


Delivery Time

  • 5-10 Days



  •  You must already have at least 36 MW3 Weapons Max Level



  •  PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X, S/PC


How it Works

Once you select your platform and place your order, our boosters will get to work within 24 hours. We will contact you via email with updates and you’ll be notified once completed.